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October 4, 2010

Daily Progress (Monday)

Filed under: Results — Brenda @ 11:13 pm

 I am now 2 weeks into this diet and I HAVE lost weight…about 8.4 lbs. Today the scales showed a drop of almost a pound. This is after a four day stall (or plateau as I have always called it.)  But, I am not giving up! I have not really cheated at all so far. If anything, I’m eating WAY LESS than I should be, which has probably kicked my metabolism into “Starvation Mode”. I need to change this behavior so…


…today, I had a wonderfully big breakfast on my PP Cruise day. Turkey Sausage, 3 Eggs (1 Yolk) scrambled with a NF Sharp Cheese slice and some chopped Canadian Bacon. I forgot about lunch, however. I was just too busy at work. So, now it is dinner time. I plan to have some NF Cottage Cheese and some leftover Roast Beef I cooked last night.


Yesterday, I tried a recipe for OatBran Cookies. They were AWFUL! I’m going to change up the recipe and post it here if I can improve them any.


(If it seems as though I’m obsessed with eating food…or managing food…or planning to eat food…or not eating food…you’re right.)









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