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October 7, 2010

Daily Progress (Thursday)

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I’m down another lb…(.8 lbs) since Monday. Close enough. I’m really happy that my Dukan Diet Book came in the mail yesterday. I finished reading up to the recipes so I’ll be trying out a lot of new recipes very soon.

My daughter has started the diet this week also. She has only a little weight to lose so her attack phase was only 3 days long not 6 like mine. She loved the Oat Bran cookies so perhaps I’ll post that recipe the way it is. Of course, she was feeling a little weak from her dieting at the time she ate them. It’s quite possible she would have raved about eating cardboard.

While looking for new recipes I ran across this tidbit. Listen to Dr. Dukan talk about his diet on the BBC. Here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p007vxdf

Well, I will be posting those recipes tomorrow. See you then!


October 5, 2010


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BMI Chart
Your Ideal Weight
Conversion Charts (Metric to US)
Conversion Charts (Imperial to US)
Calorie Counter
Carb Counter
Weight Loss Tracking Spreadsheet
Sample Menus
Sample Shopping Lists

October 4, 2010

Daily Progress (Monday)

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 I am now 2 weeks into this diet and I HAVE lost weight…about 8.4 lbs. Today the scales showed a drop of almost a pound. This is after a four day stall (or plateau as I have always called it.)  But, I am not giving up! I have not really cheated at all so far. If anything, I’m eating WAY LESS than I should be, which has probably kicked my metabolism into “Starvation Mode”. I need to change this behavior so…


…today, I had a wonderfully big breakfast on my PP Cruise day. Turkey Sausage, 3 Eggs (1 Yolk) scrambled with a NF Sharp Cheese slice and some chopped Canadian Bacon. I forgot about lunch, however. I was just too busy at work. So, now it is dinner time. I plan to have some NF Cottage Cheese and some leftover Roast Beef I cooked last night.


Yesterday, I tried a recipe for OatBran Cookies. They were AWFUL! I’m going to change up the recipe and post it here if I can improve them any.


(If it seems as though I’m obsessed with eating food…or managing food…or planning to eat food…or not eating food…you’re right.)








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